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Guys! We did it! We’re on Xbox! Now you can play the most customizable voxel shooter ever on your TV, with friends. For one week only, you can get it for $10 instead of $15 as a part of the Deals with Gold program. Anyone playing Guncraft should have gold anyway, so this will apply to nearly ALL of you!

Exclusive features include 2 player split screen, an new HD model with an aesthetic system with 4 billion different ways to outfit your character, new exclusive maps, and a leveling system that unlocks new stuff all the way to the very, very end.

Buy the game either on your Xbox or here

Check out the trailer below!

Grab a friend, sit on your comfy couch, grab your controllers, and Block and Load!

Death Tractor – Farm Simulator… WITH DEATH!

Are you ready for the most insane corn harvesting simulator you’ve ever experienced?! Prepare yourself, the DEATH TRACTORs are upon you!

Death Tractor Website – Includes a link to play the game!

You are a member of the Nomsanto family. The luck of these average, run of the mill GMO corn farmers goes sour when their loyal tractors get fed up with the modifications the family is making to their corn. They transform into horrendous, murderous death machines hellbent on wiping out the Nomsantos and returning the crops to their pristine state. However, the darkness has also changed the Nomsantos. They’ve been consumed by their capitalist greed and will stop at nothing to harvest as much profit as they can, even if that means murdering their other family members. How much corn will YOU harvest before your eventual death by tractor? Don’t let your family, or the tractors, stop you from becoming the ultimate capitalist in DEATH TRACTOR!

This totally serious, 100% accurate to life corn harvesting simulation experience will get your adrenaline pumping and nerves excited. You’ll never be able to farm for corn in the same light again!

Features include:
-4 player online/LAN multiplayer**
-Multiple levels
-Accurate corn harvesting physics and real-time growth patterns
-Tractors so frightening you will dream of nothing but them bearing down over your soul.
-Gameplay so easy to learn even your Grandma could do it. Until she has a heart attack from the TERRIFYING DEATH TRACTORS.

VOTE FOR US ON GREENLIGHT and we’ll make this a full fledged game.

Three New Block Packs Released!

Three new epic block packs have just been released to grow your ever expanding arsenal of creativity. Each only $1.99.

Wild West – Get ready gunslingers, your Wild West pack is here. Containing 54 new cowboy era blocks, you can create the most epic showdown of a map ever. Just be sure to create your own matching skin and gun to go with it!
Under the Sea – Create your perfect aquatic landscape with this premium block pack. Containing 45 brand new blocks and a new coral reef themed skybox, you can develop your own underwater paradise full of life and color.
Deep Cave – Get ready to spelunk in this premium deep cave block pack. Create the perfect cavern with 56 new blocks.

If you want to see the packs in action before buying, check out the three maps in-game named after the packs themselves. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!

Block and Load!