Guncraft Steam Release Date – August 9th, 2013!!

The date is upon us… Blocks will be raised and then promptly blown up. Guns will be smithed and then used to destroy other Craftys. Meteors will be dodged, bikes will be raced, lava will be avoided, helicopters will be flown, radars will be jammed, and plenty more chaos and destruction will happen, and it’ll all happen on STEAM on AUGUST 9th, 2013!!

There are several new features coming out for this inaugural launch date. Racing mode! Partner up with a friend, double dash style, or ride solo in an explosive effort to earn the #1 spot in a race. We’ll also be launching with Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, and TRADING CARDS! Remember, your gun can be immortalized as a trading card by buying the game now (you’ll get a Steam key at launch) and submitting an epic gun using the gunsmithing tool! Read more about that here!

Are you ready?! We sure are. We’re counting down the days. We can’t wait to get Guncraft in the hands of millions of players and watch them duke it out in the most expansive, customizable voxel FPS on the market. So join us on August 9th and let’s blow stuff up!

Block and Load!

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    1. Darknuke Post author

      When you buy the game, you’ll get an email with the key and download link. Install, register in game, and you’re good to go :) .

  1. skaterlogo91

    If you buy the game before it is released on steam, can you still access it on your steam account once it is released on early August? Or would you have to buy it again in order to use it through steam? I just don’t know whether to buy it now or wait till it is released on Steam in a few days.

    1. Darknuke Post author

      Everyone who bought the game before our Steam release will be emailed Steam keys, so be sure to keep an eye out for that soon.

  2. Roloca

    Nice work Darknuke!

    I have just a few questions:
    1. Approximately how many achievements did you made to the Steam version?
    2. Why did you deleted the previous livestream and other videos from

    1. Darknuke Post author

      There are 65+. We don’t delete the Twitch streams. They just delete on their own for some reason. I think we only get a certain amount of storage on Twitch before they start deleting older stuff.

  3. deeman

    Have you official page (or will have) in steam store ? I mean not community page. And will this game release in Great Russia country ?

    1. Darknuke Post author

      Not yet. Official page will be live soon, but you won’t be able to buy it until Friday. The game will be available in Russia, but not in the Russian language.

  4. Claudius Ellsel

    I just activated Guncraft on Desura and would like to know, whether I still get a Steam key, when the game is released there.

  5. Jake

    I bought two non-steam cd-keys for guncraft last year, but I got an email with one steam key only, so what am I supposed to do?

    1. Darknuke Post author

      Reply to the email sent to you with your Steam key (that’s our support email) with both your purchases and we’ll help you out.

  6. Jake

    I no longer have the key because I deleted the email, so if you could tell the email I must send the question to?

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