Steam Trading Card Gunsmithing Contest!

We all know that with the introduction of Steam’s Trading Card system has everyone scampering to collect every card for all their favorite games. We sure have been. It’s a brilliant system we plan on integrating into Guncraft.

Now wouldn’t it be even cooler if you had your own card? Well get those creative chops warmed up, because you have the chance to have your gun smithed gun immortalized on a Steam Trading Card, FOREVER! We’ll take the two best looking community guns and make trading cards out of them. 40+ million Steam users will be able to see and earn your card through playing Guncraft or trading with friends.

Rules for Entry:
-Submission of any gun into our system counts as an entry. All existing guns in the system are automatically entered as well.
-Winning two guns we’ll need the .gun file, so hold onto that. If you don’t have it, you’ll be disqualified and we’ll move onto a new winner.
-Winners will have their username’s credited on the card, so any username that is even remotely offensive will not be accepted.
-Enter as many times as you want.
-General Gunsmithing rules apply (you can read those in game).

Post any questions or comments here.

12 Comments on This News Post

  1. Sturmgewehr4256

    Just entered this contest, just wondering if my username “HermitCrap” is allowed :P
    If it is, hope I win! ><
    Good luck everybody!

    1. Darknuke Post author

      HermitCrap is not a viable username, but if you do win, we’ll ask you for alternatives ;) . Good luck!

  2. Roloca

    So if I make a gun, then save it into my computer, or use it in my classes, it counts as enter? I’m just asking that I don’t have to register somewhere else?

    Mr. Sword: Go and look for one on They hate Desura, so somebody will give you a Guncraft key for one Trading card or two.

  3. Darknuke Post author

    You need to submit the gun Roloca. If you don’t do that, it won’t be entered.

  4. Roloca

    I finished making my gun, assigned the points and then it refuses to accept it, because I don’t have an iron sight. I checked your chanel, the forum, I found a thread about it, but nothing useful. Will you do a tutorial about it, or something?

    Thanks: Roloca

    1. Darknuke Post author

      Are you logged in and playing the newest version of the game? You may have also been trying during some downtime we had due to our server host going down.

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