YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS. The time has finally come! We’re on Steam! We’ve been working so hard on Guncraft ever since we started in September 2011 and this is really a shining moment for us at Exato Game Studios. We are proud to be selling our game on the biggest PC platform out there. We even have a new trailer, which you can see below! It’s awesome. We sincerely appreciate your support and awesomeness during this development period and we promise to make Guncraft even more fun as time goes on.

In celebration of this momentous event, we will be streaming on from 11-3 PM PST on Friday and 3-7 PM PST on Saturday. We’d love to have all of you out so we can play the new racing mode, answer all your questions, and just hang out with you guys.

If you don’t have Guncraft yet, you can get it for $15 here!

Block and Load!

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    1. Darknuke Post author

      If you bought the game from our site, check your email. It’ll be there. Make sure you check your spam too. If you didn’t buy from our site, then it’s up to the distributors on when you get your keys. They are in their hands, so they just need to give you them.

  1. Sturmgewehr4256

    Hey, you guys promised all purchasers will get a steam key.
    So why not justsend the new key to everyone who bought it?
    I’m really pissed now since my copy is on desirable yet I want it on Steam…

  2. Roloca

    Finally now I have a Steam key too!
    I traded with someone for a Desura key, but he bought the Groupies, so the key landed in his account. He said, that I bought from him the Desura version, and he will not give me the Steam key. Fortunately I remembered, that I traded with another guy, and when I sent him a message, he gave me the code. He said: If I wouldn’t message him, the code would be never redeemed. Happy End!

    Awesome game, and just a question: I got a code from pax 2013, when I redeemed it, the game accepted, but I can’t find the 2 extra skins, and guns.

  3. IAmALiLQt

    we purchased the game almost a year ago, and we received a steam key, but when we enter it on to steam it says that the code is invalid or its a duplicate key … i have emailed a few times now and have yet to receive a response….we need to get this resolved – ASAP

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