PARANOIA Mode Announced + TONS of new features!

Here it is, the big Halloween update. YOU wanted it, YOU got it! Paranoia mode is our answer to the overwhelming number of requests for a “zombie” mode, but like most of our modes, we’d never settle for an industry standard, boring ol’ zombie mode. Paranoia Mode combines the “Zombies vs Humans” game theme with the tension of a spine-chilling, horror B-movie. At the beginning of the mode, one or two players are secretly selected as the “zombie queen.” The zombie queen appears to be a normal Guncraft soldier model but they have the power to turn any human they kill into zombies with enhanced speed and jumping advantages. Humans must band together, survive the swift attacks of zombie hordes, and use special abilities, wits, and teamwork to figure out who the zombie queens are before all humans are converted into minions of the undead horde.

We weren’t content with just giving you one thing this Halloween though. We’re also giving you Melee Gunsmithing! Now you can create your own melee weapons under the archetypes of the hammer (faster prefab construction), drill (faster mining), sword (high damage), and pickax (all-around).

The Admin Controls Pack also makes its debut. Change gravity, force loadouts, increase player speed, remove hookshots, disable parachutes, disable vehicles, and plenty of other options. Like we’ve always promised, this is YOUR first person shooter and you should have as many controls as you want to make it exactly how you want.

There’s also a slew of minor features that make big changes to your Guncraft play. We’ve added new customization options to gunsmithing, including duel wield (purely visual) and different attachment regions (left hand, chest, and head). We’ve also added voice options for the skin crafting, so you can have a male or female character. Secondary weapons have been removed in favor of choosing two primary weapons. You can now rock a shotty/sniper build or double hookshots. Achievement and Badge rewards are also in. Earn various achievements or unlock the trading card badges and you’ll find yourself with new skins (for achievements) or new guns (for badge levels). Resolution changes also make there way in! This was the #1 request at Steam launch and we got a lot of flak for not having it, so now we do!

AND FINALLY, we have our first two DLC packs. The Sci-fi and Horror SFX packs. For 99 cents each, you’ll unlock new sound effects for weapons, ambiance, and voices. The Sci-fi Pack comes with laser gun sounds, robot voices, and various spacey ambiance noises for maps. The Horror Pack (just in time for Halloween!) comes with several monster voices, a chainsaw melee weapon sound, and several spooky ambiance noises for maps. Again, we’ll never release paid DLC for Guncraft that would segment the user base, so these customization features will be our form of DLC. Expect more epic stuff to come out in the near future. We’re also working on something extra special that will hopefully come out towards the end of the year.

So, Happy Halloween! We hope it makes your Guncraft experience even better. We’re super excited to hear what you have to say about it all.

Block and Load!

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    yeaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! TNX EXATO!!! this is SOOO cool and im sure you will get MANY new players with this new features ;D i cant w8 for the new stuff.

  2. Unammed

    hello all, I can not access my account and enter the code and want another please help haora estey trying and a friend but neither lets in my mind is raze5000.

    it also sounds very good paranoid, I would like another game mode called jugertnaut where 1 vs all

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