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Hey, Darknuke here!

So as you may have noticed, we’ve had a bit of drought on the news front. I just wanted to let you guys know this isn’t because there’s nothing new coming. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We have some pretty epic things going on behind the scenes and we can’t share them yet, even though we really, really want to. Things that will completely change the way you play Guncraft (for the better of course. We don’t want to mess with the purists out there.). So bear with us over the next few months and we will start slowly announcing all these new features. In the mean time, I’m going to try and find stuff to blog about on here in regards to Guncraft/Exato Games development. Maybe I’ll finally get around to our Kickstarter and Greenlight Post-Mortems I’ve been wanting to do.

So Block and Load my fellow Crafties and I will keep you posted!

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  1. Carl Ford

    You already changed the way guncraft was played the second you added a timer for the grapple hook. The game was so much fun in beta, everyone flying around and shooting each other up. It allowed for you to move around large maps quickly, get the drop on an enemie or make a quick escape.

    Add in a timer and you have none of that any more, all you have is something that lets you reach a high place every once in a while. The grappling hook is what kept me playing for hours at a time when it was only on Desura, the timer is part of the reason I only have 3hr’s play time with the game on steam.

    1. Darknuke Post author

      You can set the hookshot timer to be back to the old ways in the advanced hosting options. We gave it a timer by default because the advanced players were wrecking the newcomers with their Spidermanning strategies. It wasn’t balanced.

  2. Samuel Morgan

    To change the Grappling Hook’s recharging timer, go to your server Settings —–> Advanced Settings —–> Change the amount of the “Hookshot Spacing” to your desired amount. Example: If you want it to be approximate (this will make it only APPROXIMATELY, not 100% IDENTICALLY) back to the Beta phase, then set it to 1, and if you want to prolong the timer further more, then set it to 15.

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